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Whatever the situation, Spy Teck has the perfect surveillance gear for your needs. Such as recording on the go, capturing interviews and meetings, or finding out who’s going through your desk when you’re not around, we have covert spy gadgets that are perfect for gathering the footage you need. Choose from any number of form factors, from a common-looking pen or alarm clock to a covert watch or key chain, and always have a recording device at the ready. Easy to use and lightweight, these mini hidden cameras are perfect for any number of applications; secret shoppers, private investigators, journalists that need to record at a moment’s notice, and more. Our selection of body worn surveillance devices allows you to record without anyone being the wiser. Transfer and watch your footage after the fact on any PC, and share your recordings with the world.

These aren’t toys you’ll find at a hobby shop. These items are bona-fide real spy gear, ready to give you the inside scoop on what’s going on behind your back. You can equip yourself with hidden security cameras, secret voice recorders, stealth key-loggers, and more! Don’t let others conspire to ruin your life – catch them in the act, and buy yourself some spy gadgets and spy stuff, for sale now. Start your own private investigation! Maybe your spouse has been a little standoffish lately. Maybe the kids are hiding things right as you come into the room. Maybe someone’s targeting your house for a future theft or robbery. A lot of things could happen in our lives – why not be ready for all of them?

These spy gadgets will reveal the truth and give you the hard evidence you’ll need in court with the best spy equipment to use. And, if it turns out that there really was nothing untoward going on? This spy gear is so cutting edge, and so covert, no one else will ever know you were spying on them all along. It’s low risk, and the potential reward is immeasurable. Get your peace of mind, and buy some of this real spy gear, for sale right now!

As a former NHRA/IHRA Nitro Funny Car driver, who liked racing down the tracks, Gary also likes racing for the facts. Catching up to the villains and seeing individuals transformed from victims to victors. Founder Gary Litton had a vision many years ago. With years of hard work and devoted employees, his company has become one of the most prestigious investigative firms in East Tennessee.

Joined by wife Kimberly Litton, her cutting edge technology, and her skills to locate and track down individuals, they speed their way to a closed, cut and dry case. Gary and Kimberly’s mechanical abilities have allowed them to put all of the pieces of the puzzles together and get folks’ life back into top shelf running order.


GPS Locator

The exact size of a credit card, our GPS Locators are top of the line.

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We have the best DVR’s in the industry. The perfect solution for all of your recording needs.



We have the best Camera’s in the industry. The perfect solution for all of your recording needs.


RF Detectors

We have the best RF Detector’s in the industry. The perfect solution for all of your recording needs.


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